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Employee Engagement

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Core ValuesCore Values

Employee Enagement

Team HR at Angel works effectively to create a work environment and performance culture that fosters team spirit and enhances employee productivity through motivation and positive ambition.

Our HR team is continually working to rationalize and restructure measures to ensure better employee relationship management, employee communications and relations, recruitment and training need analysis; program design and implementation, performance evaluation and other work-life initiatives.

Our Vision


‘Sprint’ is an engagement program devised for better inclusion of new joiners from Day 1. The major aim is to help employee understand the company products & services and present them to customers.


After having done well in the ‘Sprint’ program, ‘Race’ is highly effective in harnessing the potential of new joiners for further development in the next three months.
Star Track

Star Track

‘Star Track’ project involves unleashing the competitive spirit of the Sales team and rewarding the consistent performers with prizes and displaying their name in ‘Hall of Fame’.

Hall Of Fame

It is a display to increase visibility of initiatives taken by employees with an objective to motivate and recognize contribution and develop sense of pride and belonging.
Red Carpet


Sampark is our way of bridging the employee-management communication through a common forum where, ideas, achievements, insight and visions for success are shared on a regular basis.

Clash of Angels

Angel organizes a cricket tournament – ‘Clash of Angels’ with an aim to encourage the competitive spirit and sportsmanship in all employees. The best team lifts the rolling trophy. Cricket being the favorite sport of the nation, the event generates a lot of fanfare among the employees.
Angel Cricket


Angel strongly believes that innovation does not come from processes but people. We also believe in evolving continuously to meet the customer needs and create a competitive advantage through truly personalized service. ‘Pragati’ is a platform to capture creative ideas from employees with the objective of bringing tangible results by increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity and reducing TAT in our work areas.

Red Tag Day

Angel encourages employees to reduce, recycle & reuse as a way of life. To re-enforce the significance of red tagging every year we celebrate ‘Red Tag Day’ across Angel.
Red Carpet
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